Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick Easy Mini Dessert PIZZAS! Kids will love these

Last night my sweet tooth was biting me hard so I headed into the kitchen to make something to soothe it. HHHHMMMM.... Don't ask me why but pizza and chocolate were weighing heavily on my mind. I decided to combine the two and create a pizza with chocolate.  

List of ingredients:
Canned biscuits
Chocolate chips
Granola cereal
Chopped Pecans

Optional: get creative
Frozen cookie dough for crust
Different type nuts
Dried or fresh fruit
Jelly or jam
Crushed graham crackers
Cinnamon or nutmeg
And so on...

Step one:  Open the canned biscuits and separate them.  Use a rolling pin and roll them VERY thin. Then roll the edges slightly inward to form a rim around the pizza.  I used canned biscuits because I was lazy and didn't want to make pizza dough and wait on it to rest. 
Step two: I added a sauce of sorts... NUTELLA!!!  My hunny used crushed Granola cereal.  You can use crushed Graham crackers if you want to go the Smores route.   I then added chocolate chips, pecans,  and placed the marshmallows on last.

Step three: Bake per the canned biscuit's instructions.  I had to add about 4 minutes to mine to make up for the additional ingredients.
Kids will love making these as well as eating them!

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