Friday, June 1, 2012

Fresh Green Onions in a Jar

I am always looking for helpful hints for around the house. I am trying to move to a greener lifestyle.  I have cut out margarine completely and have gone back to good old fashioned non-salted butter.  Who wants to eat an item that is one ingredient away from plastic?  Not I, besides I love me some butter!  
Getting back to the point I read about keeping green onions or scallions on your counter, so you had fresh green onions at all times. 
Items needed:
A bundle of green onions with roots attached
a glass jar... I love mason jars

I added water to the jar, then put the onions into it. I cut the green tops off to the top of the jar. I put the green onions into a freezer bag and tossed them in the freezer. I will use them when I need a big portion.
Leave them to grow.  I swear I walk out of my kitchen and come back 10 minutes later and a couple have grown 2 inches.  I snip the onions as I need them.  My onions are assorted sizes. In fact a couple need to be snipped and used.

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