Thursday, May 24, 2012

Upcycle Old Pillows to Throw Pillows for Patio Furniture...

Items you will need: 


Scissors, thread, needle, old pillow or a new one, and material of your choice.

     After pricing pillow forms as well the batting and stuffing to make a pillow, I found the materials a bit expensive so I thought of a little upcycling idea. I have a few old pillows I was going to toss but instead I decided to use one for this project. NO FEATHER PILLOWS! If you do you use one, you are not allowed to leave any comments.

    I bought these old curtains from a yard sale around 10 years ago because I freaking loved the pattern!  I now have a use for this nice, heavy material. It is gorgeous!

    I cut the old pillow in half. I will admit the cutting was a bit tough. Make sure your scissors are SHARP. I was tempted to run it through a table saw but stuck to home style.  Do check with the hubsters or partners before attempting the table saw method.  I stitched up the side on each half and Bam! I now have two, perfectly-sized, pillows for patio furniture.

The pillows measure 12" by 19".   
I used a simple wrap and tack method to cover the pillows.
The material I cut to use measured  33" by 51".          

Step 1: Spread out your fabric. Print face down and place your pillow just about here. 
Step 2:  Fold each side up and over. Red dots are where I placed a couple stitches (Tacking). I then folded the bottom of the material up and tacked it down. This is similar to wrapping a gift.

Step 3: I folded the other side and tacked it down.

Step 4: Fold the material up and tack it down.
Step 5: Fold the top down. Line up the edge with the bottom of the pillow. you will have excess in the middle. that will be used to create fold in the center. Tack the edge at red dot.

 Step 6: Smooth down from the top. Tack about an inch or two up from the center.
Step 7: Smooth from the bottom. There will be excess in the middle. That will be folded down in the next step. Fold up toward the top and tack at the red dot.
Step 8: Fold it flat and tack each side at the red dot area.
Step 9: Tack down at each side.

Step 10: I stitched the bottom down all the way across. I have only stitched down half in the pic. I sewed a button on each side but this optional.

All done and ready to be tossed onto a patio chair!  Rinse and repeat for the other pillow.

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