Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Version of a Sweet Patio, Pallet Table....

Thus began my journey in patio, pallet table making. 
 Materials list:
2 Used pallets
2 Different colored paints
1 2x4
Several 2 1/2 inch nails
A few 1 1/2 inch nails
Water sealant
Hammer and a saw to cut wood
 4 caster wheels
Optional: A sander and sand paper

 DAY 1:
 Thus began my journey in patio, pallet table making.  So today I drug my eager <insert sarcasm here> Hunny out to scour the neighborhood for FREE pallets.  Amazing how many pallets are outside of CLOSED on Sunday, businesses.  It is proper etiquette to always ask for the pallets before you take them.  If you don't, it could lead to a pretty set of matching bracelets known as handcuffs in some instances.
   So I headed to the Home Depot and  after a bit of begging, a nice young man asked management if they had any pallets available.  Fortunately for me they had one poor, damaged baby that was strapped to a buggy and garbage bound.  I RESCUED the slightly damaged but usable pallet and hauled to toss my new-found treasure in the back of my car before they changed their minds. 
   I was extremely pleased with my find.  See this was not an ordinary pallet but a perfect Shassy pallet.  Trim boards that fit closely together with no huge gaps.  A smexy little pallet!  The damage was on the end and that fit into my plan as well.  The original table is a bit too big for me so I cut off the damaged side and ended up with a perfect size!  

  Isn't it lovely?  I think so!  Day one of patio, pallet table making completed.


DAY 2:   

    So I invested in a reasonably priced sander today and two cans of CHEAP, yes CHEAP, paint!  There is a story about the cheap paint bit but I will share it another day.   I sanded the table top with 50 grit sandpaper to remove the dirt and bumps.  I followed that with 180 grit sandpaper and smoothed the wood out.  It was pretty, sweet looking wood after my beauty treatment.  I added a bit of shassiness with dark, chocolate-colored paint and a touch of awesome teal. Here is a pic of the drying smexy table top.

DAY 3:
    The bottom of the table is now assembled... unpainted but at least put together.  I pieced together the bottom from another pallet.  A bit more damaged than the first one but with a little babying the shassy came out!  I have discovered that sanding makes painting a whole lot easier. The wood seems less thirsty and I was able to sand away the grime, rough edges, along with splinters. This is a sanded, ready to be painted table bottom.

DAY 4:
   So I painted the bottom of the table and cut six 16 inch boards from one 2x4 and painted them as well for the legs.  I am letting the paint dry and will do the touch ups that are needed. Tomorrow is assembly day. WOOT! A preview of what it will look like.
DAY 5:
Assembled!!! I attached the legs with the 2 1/2 nails.  Placed the caster wheels on the bottom of each corner. I am retouching the paint and will be water-proofing it with Rainguard. 

DAY 6:
The Unveiling.....
A picture of the final result.  I love this table.

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